Energy Saving and Efficiency

   11 September 2017

Cnr, photovoltaic ready for ‘big jump’

A value of 200 gigawatts, enough to produce an amount of electricity equal to the annual requirement of Italy, a speed of exponential growth and Italian world record, with 10% of the global electricity generation: to give some numbers of the photovoltaic is a study conducted by researchers of the Institute of biometeorology (Ibimet) and of the Institute for the study of nanostructured materials (Ismn) of Cra, according to which the technology is ready for the ‘big jump’. The study, published by Energy Science & Engineering, “explains how solar energy is a ready alternative to a great energy transition that allows to reconcile the growth of the global economy and environmental rehabilitation, to solve the dilemma between possible oil shortage , increase in hydrocarbon extraction costs and population growth “, explains Francesco Meneguzzo of Ibimet-Cnr in Florence. The photovoltaic system, Meneguzzo continues, is appropriate because, depending on the materials used, it returns 10 to 50 times the energy used in its construction. Furthermore, “widespread perplexities with respect to land occupation seem to have been overcome: an area of ​​less than 0.6% of European territory would be sufficient to guarantee full coverage of EU electricity needs with photovoltaic panels”. The last barrier to adoption, ie the accumulation necessary to make electricity available in winter at night, “is being overcome thanks to the very rapid evolution of technology and the battery and hydrogen cell industry”, he says Mario Pagliaro of the Ismn-Cnr of Palermo.