Endorsement Quotes

   5 August 2018


In July 2018 Esco One, a brand of Italtekno s.r.l., has passed very well, the first verification of maintenance of the management system UNI CEI 11352: 2014. This certification, according to what the rules provide, is a necessary condition for the ESCO to register with the GSE (Energy Services Managers) and access the most significant incentive mechanisms in the field of energy efficiency as well as the drafting of Project Finance. From July, therefore, the staff of Esco One has the opportunity to negotiate, among the additional services offered, the White Certificates (TEE), at the GSE. The UNI CEI 11352: 2014 standard defines the requirements for companies that provide energy services (ESCo). An ESCo certified against this standard is able to offer contracts to guarantee results to its customers. The ESCo is remunerated based on the savings achieved (Third-party financing). These contracts are spreading more and more both in the industrial and civil field because they allow companies to concentrate on their “core” activities, relying on specialists in the sector for the management of auxiliary systems (boilers, cogenerators, inverters, compressed air units, etc.) and with new financial resources (Third-party financing, White Certificates). The attention to the efficient use of energy is growing: from the D.M. March 7, 2012 which provides for compliance with the UNI CEI 11352 Standard for Energy Services companies that operate with Public Administrations, up to Legislative Decree 102/2014 which provides for the mandatory certification UNI CEI 11352 for the ESCo that offer the diagnostic service energy efficiency and obtaining Energy Efficiency Certificates for the savings achieved in the civil and industrial sectors.