Energy Saving and Efficiency

   10 September 2017

Solar powered car travels 3,000 km in 4 days

The solar powered car is one of the most fascinating and impossible challenges in the alternative mobility sector. Decades will pass before seeing a ‘series’, but in the meantime research and experimentation continue. The World Solar Challenge is the most famous competition dedicated to solar vehicles, held every two years and has just been won by the University of Delft prototype, with a total time of almost 38 hours at an average of 91.7 km / h . Fifty teams competed for four days, covering over 3,000 kilometers along the Australian outback, starting from Darwin on October 18th and arriving in Adelaide on October 25th. For the Dutch Polytechnic it is the second victory after that of 2013 and with this result the Nuon Solar Team is a candidate for the 2017 also. The regulation provides different categories, for vehicles with one or two seats, but in all the lightness is a must, since the vehicles can only store 5 kWh of energy and then have to get the rest from the solar panels mounted on their body, but obviously energy recovery systems are also allowed. So the vehicles in the race have futuristic aspe cts and are much more similar to spaceships than to cars.